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General Ideas

Plan a Walk

Get your community together and plan a walk to raise awareness about elder abuse. Here are some things to consider:

  • Assemble a planning committee made up of coworkers, health agencies and professionals, community volunteers and anyone else who is interested in raising awareness of elder abuse
  • Decide what the name of your event should be, how long the walk will be and where you would like to have it held
  • Choose a location. Local parks, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Check with local city officials and the police department to see if there are any restrictions or accommodations that need to be made, such as closing off streets etc.
  • Solicit and invite local area business, organizations and individuals to help support your event. Inquire about monetary contributions, donations, coupons or gift certificates to help make your walk a success
  • Create a registration & waiver form for participants. Determine if there will be a registration fee, and whether participants will raise money or awareness or both
  • Get the word out! Advertise on the radio, on television, in local newspapers and at local businesses. Have registration forms available throughout the community/neighborhood
  • Have refreshments available - water, healthy snacks and fruit
  • Have a plan for the day of your event
  • Involve volunteers