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General Ideas

Host a Presentation, Lecture or Debate

Host a presentation, lecture or debate, about elder abuse and/or ways to prevent abuse and neglect in later life.

Additional topics that may be of interest include:

  • How we respond to abuse in later life
  • Best practices for working together effectively and problem solving
  • Emerging challenges and problem solving
  • Diversity and abuse of older adults
  • How to reduce the prevalence of abuse and neglect in later life
  • Ageism & attitudes towards older adults

Possible sources for speakers include:

  • Non-governmental and governmental organizations working for awareness and prevention of abuse in later life
  • Community leaders
  • Ethnic and multicultural group representatives
  • Educators at community colleges and universities
  • Labour unions or professional associations
  • Faith organizations

If people seem to be unaware of the issues of elder abuse, invite them to join your lecture or debate as an opportunity to learn. When presenting, using a Power Point presentation can be a helpful tool. Print the Power Point out ahead of time, so people can take notes as you present them with information.

Tips for Successful Presentations:

It is extremely important to tailor your presentations to the group you is attending the presentation. A presentation to a group of doctors will be quite different than a presentation to members of the faith community or to seniors. Here are some questions to consider when planning your presentation:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What topics is the group interested in?
  • Does the audience have any prior knowledge of the topic?
  • What does the audience want to learn from your presentation?
  • What do you hope the audience will learn from your presentation?