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General Ideas

Engage the Local Media

When planning a WEAAD event it is imperative to involve the media. This is the best way to reach the largest audience and to encourage participation in your event.

Below are tips for getting the media involved:

  • Make the media aware of your event by sending them a media advisory about your event
  • Ask a high profile person from the media to be an honorary chairperson for your event
  • Offer the media a story about elder abuse. If you can tell a real-life story, your chances of getting coverage are more likely
  • Pay close attention to the journalists and reporters who write on topics related to your event. These are the people you are going to want to contact with your story
  • Find a media sponsor for your event. A media organization will often provide a charity with free publicity and advertising in exchange for association with the event
  • About a week before your event, you should distribute a media advisory to any media source that covers such events. This advisory is like an invitation for working media to come and cover the event.